1 December 2015 GRPcr8

Website Update Soon!

With a roller-coaster of 24 months, we know we’ve been slacking and neglecting this news site.   With our website updating coming January 2016, all the following events will be added, with great technical and build detail for those wishing to keep on following the put-together of fashion shows, weeks and events!

  • 2015 Swahili Fashion Week
  • 2015 Woolworths Trenery show launch
  • 2015 Summer Launch:  Craig Port and SAMW
  • 2015 Hair shoot and show production Behind-The-Scenes
  • 2015 Lagos Fashion and Design Week
  • 2015 Skip Exchange show build and designer curation and ranges
  • 2015 London Fashion Week and the SOHO move and build
  • 2015 Elizabeth Galloway Graduation Show
  • 2015 Durban Fashion Fair Production and Technical
  • 2015 SA Menswear Week overall
  • 2015 Enterprise Mauritius Show build and concept
  • 2015 Mercedes-Benz Bokeh Fashion Film Festival
  • 2015 Design Indaba Fashion Shows Space Production and Concept

And a host more from 2014 including SA Bridal Fashion Week, Swahili, Zimbabwe and more fashion weeks.

Have a fantastic festive season, and please come back in January to check out the new site and all the updated builds and behind-the-scenes.