Group of Creatives ™ specialises primarily in the production (and support) of fashion shows, either during established fashion weeks or stand alone shows for specific clients and designers.  Our turnkey approach for stand-alone shows, combined with an extensive professionals and supplier network, ensures our productions are genuinely unrivalled.

Supporting elements within these fashion week spaces has led to the formation of the /EVENTS division within GRP/cr8/.    A fully supported events team within the company ensures that not only are the event and hospitality elements within our projects of world class standard, but also providing a dedicated company to clients looking for experienced event conceptualisation and management within Africa.




This is our core business, from London in the North to Cape Town in the South, and Windhoek in the West and Dar Es Salaam in the East, we have Africa and Europe covered.  No other production company in Africa works in as many countries and cities annually as GRP/cr8/.    Please select /FASHION on the menu above to learn more about what we can do for you!




A full in-house team of the best technical, lighting and creative direction available to any client on the African continent, and rivalling the best on earth.   Whether it’s a full fashion week or an event launching a vehicle, we’re able to deliver solutions and creative unlike anything you’ve seen before.  And being fully in-house, turn-around times and budgets are kept to a minimum.



When your fashion projects require huge levels of eventing and hospitality experience and execution, you eventually realise the best way to do it, is simply bring this in-house to meet the exacting standards we demand.  Now a dedicated division with GRP/cr8/  the /EVENT team is responsible for everything 1500 guest gala dinners through to product launches in exotic destinations.   Please click on the /EVENT option on the Services menu above to learn more about this.




We believe in the power of technology, and have utilised this to establish not only the best Fashion and Event production business in Africa, but also providing cost-effective and better solutions to our clients.   From our unique digital ONE-BILL invoice and costing system ensuring complete transparency and invoice management, through to our digital production processes and iPhone app, means that as a client you can see, in real-time, how projects are rolling out and comment, add notes or changes that are required and they’re flagged with relevant staff instantly.



The Group of Creatives team is unrivalled in our experience across the African continent, with a network of suppliers in all cities from Luanda to Maputo to Lagos to Harare and beyond.  We’ve hired smoke machines in Addis Ababa and carpenters in Accra.  But our expertise relies on relationships and we have the necessary local experts to execute on all levels across Africa.

Globally, Group of Creatives has a dedicated office in London, headed by Jonathan Dunbar who oversee’s all business management, new business acquisition and our growing client base within Europe and the Asiatic region.    Again relationships are key, and whether it’s a full fashion week in London or a product launch in Milan, we’re able to execute not only on budget, but with unrivalled expertise in these cities.