About us

All about Group of Creatives and what we do. Exciting!

Fashion Show Production

Our core business is the conceptualisation, production and direction of fashion weeks and fashion shows. From initial discussion to final designer wave, our turnkey approach ensures best in class production, attention to detail, budget and service providers.

  • Fashion Show and Week Direction
  • Creative and Concept Development
  • Technical and Creative Direction
  • Logistics and Supplier Management
  • Production in 14 countries
  • Lean Multi-Skilled Team Members
  • Music and Awards Ceremonies
  • Budget Friendly Approach
  • Easy Turnkey Approach to Projects

Platforms we own

Not only do we produce the biggest fashion weeks in Africa and beyond, but we also own a number of platforms that we produce too. Our full time staff and sales teams are happy to invite you to see how best to be part of these!

  • SA Menswear Week
  • The Wedding Shows and Expo
  • Bike Fest South Africa
  • The Healthy Living Expo
  • Creators Conference Nigeria
  • FSHN AFRICA New York and London (2023 launch)
  • Week Of Fashion (founding partner)

SHOWpro Application

With lean, cost conscious fashion week production, and our approach to utilising every digital advantage, an app was the next evolution. SHOWpro is now used by a dozen of the worlds largest production companies saving thousands of Euros annually and reducing show production complexity, staffing requirements and admin.

  • Full show scheduling and backstage schedules
  • Model casting, booking, management and billing
  • Full project management in real time
  • Automated paperwork PDF generation for all areas
  • Real time backstage staffing and talent tracking
  • Backstage management is now automated
  • Designer show elements tracking and automation
  • Real time team updates and issue solving
  • Runs on Apple iPad with iOS 14.1 and later

If you’d like to work with Group of Creatives, or sit down for a consultation and discussion on how our services, platforms or software could benefit growing your business, please contact us today.