South Africa:  Jennifer Deiner:

Jen DeinerJennifer heads up GRP/cr8/ worldwide, and is based in Cape Town, South Africa.  Passionate about taking African fashion weeks to new levels of production, Jennifer also has extensive experience on the continent, and is also fortunate to have also produced at London Fashion Week.   Her keen eye for detail, absolute control on items such as budgets and schedules as well as ability to choreograph and design amazing sets, has seen her productions applauded for standing out from others on schedule.  After a break from production, Jennifer returned in 2011 and dived right into production raising the standards and game within the African continent.


South Africa:  Simon Deiner

Simon DeinerSimon is best known as the go-to man for ramp photography on the continent, and has the strange claim to fame of having attended more fashion shows than anyone else in Africa.  Not only is Simon regarded as the leading ramp photographer through our sister company SDR Photo, but he is also the number one fashion show/week technical director in Africa, and also the head of creative for GRP/cr8/.  For over a decade Simon has had a single passion, and that is to take African fashion and make the world sit up and notice.  He’s researched and learned more about the science of a successful fashion week than anyone ever needs to know too.


United Kingdom:   Jonathan Dunbar

Jonathan DunbarJonathan heads up GRP/cr8/ in London.  Whilst our core team focusses on Africa, there was a need for a direct point of contact, and Jonathan was the man.  Originally having studied politics, and focussed on African relations, Jonathan got involved in eventing and luxury goods. His understanding of fashion week production elements means that GRP/cr8/ can offer a truly world-class service throughout the UK and Europe.  Jonathan manages a passionate UK team, responsible for a number of events we have welcomed to the Group of Creatives stable.    Jonathan is also extensively involved with our interests to establish events in the middle east.

United Kingdom:  Kat Hounsome

Kathryn HounsomeKat is responsible for all logistics and production management for GRP/cr8/ on our UK productions.  Well travelled, quick thinking and an expert organiser, Kat is able to ensure that all our productions run to schedule, on budget and that we have booked the best suppliers, models and crew.  Her background also brings an intricate understanding of the UK PR market, and has enabled GRP/cr8/ to add a fresh dimension to how we approach projects in this market.


South Africa:  Seth O’Dea

Seth ODeaSeth cut his teeth working on many high-profile events throughout South Africa.  As a long time friend of GRP/cr8/ founders, we invited Seth to be our event production manager on jobs that require someone to handle many event logistics.  Seth’s can-do attitude and sense of humour fit in directly with what GRP/cr8/  clients love about us.    Seth has also introduced us to many exciting suppliers that have directly benefitted events we have worked on.  As GRP/cr8/ expands it’s offering, from 2015 Seth will exclusively head up the Events Division, bringing an exciting dynamic to how we structure fashion events, properly integrating all hospitality and event side with the fashion shows.