Experience the app in person on one of your projects. We’ll help you set up a demo iPad and courier it to you to see SHOWpro in action.

Demo Request Procedure

To request a demo, please email our app client contact centre for a questionnaire and we’ll send you an application form within 24hrs.

The SHOWpro app runs exclusively on the Apple iPad OS, and is not downloadable from the Apple App Store.   We supply each iPad that has been prepared by our team in either London or Cape Town specifically for each client, and configure it for your company.   This step allows us the remote access to update, manage and secure your iPads, and also to utilise our cloud database which is the heart of the management of the SHOWpro application.

All applications will follow this process:    Once your application has been received our team will review your showography, and areas of operation as well as countries and fashion weeks produced.   We will then contact  you to prepare a pair of iPads for your next project and DHL them to you.   We’d need you to put aside 2 hours for a video training walk-through.     Post event, we’ll do a debrief to see how the application worked, and then sign you up as a SHOWpro client and ship additional team iPads if required.

SHOWpro Demo Features:

  • 60 day project specific validity
  • Customised for your specific company
  • Full scheduling and model management modules configured
  • Model tracking via iPhone, Airtag or RFID accreditation module enabled. Facial recognition enabled for all casting, fitting and show orders.
  • Project Management module active for up to 50 items with sample items configured for team.
  • Backstage management module active for production and traffic managers.