SHOWpro v3.00

Built from the ground up with real world fashion week teams to be the world’s best show production and management software.



Create all the necessary backstage, production and show schedules with automatic overlap highlighting and team allocations. Resources and staffing requirements will halve instantly, and your team will know in real time what is happening and where. Plus our PDF schedules for public distribution are the best looking in the industry. No awful Excel docs here!

Model castings and model bookings handled in-app, and all paperwork generated automatically from booking confirmations to model schedules. Scan through over 500 models, allocate them to shows, option them and automatically have the paper-trail and recons done post show automatically.

Schedule other meetings and project data in-app for a more seamless experience. Our auto tag and AI engine helps you use your time more effectively, creating and thinking of the magic!



Full model fittings with all designer briefings, model calls, fittings management and automated show running order build. Change time conflicts and other issues automatically flagged in-app.

Build supplier management and time-line roll out management included in-app for your technical and creative teams, with client and supplier messaging and notifications included. It doesn't get easier to build a venue.



With model and garment tracking, and all associated paperwork built in, SHOWpro will even supply PDF's for printing for the rails backstage, automatically. No more checking, rechecking and having possible errors. You've got this.

Hair and Makeup Teams automatically can sign models in and out simply by taking a pic of their face and using facial recognition for model manager backstage to keep track of who is done and who is not.

Models are signed in and out of backstage either using facial tagging, RFID access stickers (we can supply backstage readers for doors etc) or their own iPhones. Know where your talent is at any point.



Where the app started, and is now better than ever before. That realtime show producer running order, tracking models throughout the show and even flagging slow-changes or model cross-overs between pools. It's now automated and less to worry about.

Show material from AV, concepts, choreography and music are now all stored in dedicated designer upload folders, where all material and shared content can be accessed by the full teams. Automatic integration with QLAB for shows takes the ease of building a monster show to new levels of click-click-DONE.

Automatically whilst the show is running, the entire backstage and production team is in sync, reconciling model usages, updating garment tracking and marking off billing against client invoicing (Quickbooks integration available via API).



The show is done, and now all that admin begins. Well, only for those not using SHOWpro! Your model usages are automatically (correctly) reconciled per agency, with the necessary paperwork sorted. Staffing time sheets and issues are flagged in report mode. Supplier balances and budgets are reconciled, and can even have a CSV generated for loading for payment.

But it goes further, straight after shows, sending your designers congratulations emails and messages, all set up when you have a gap, but not getting lost in the post-show hugs and high-fives.

SHOWpro, we just made your show day easier than ordering a triple mocha caramel cream skim milk chocolate sprinkles hold-the-foam coffee.

SHOWpro was developed over 8 years to be the number one fashion week and show production application.   It’s a complete out of the box solution, and training is provided to all companies using our software.

Licensing is paid as an annual fee of £8500 which comes with a single iPad (supplied) and each additional device costs £1800 for your team.   This allows unlimited shows, fashion weeks and can also support SHOWpro ADAPT which allows the software to have field changes to accommodate other projects such as music shows, award ceremonies or any production that manages the areas of talent, technical and scheduling.

Currently due to exclusivity agreements with our clients and partners, we are not licensing the application to any further French clients.