Zimbabwe Fashion Week 2013


Group of Creatives produced the entire Zimbabwe Fashion Week 2013, which just took place over 4 days in Harare, Zimbabwe.   A full service offering from GRP/cr8/ Africa, we developed the set, did all technical direction, production of all shows and event logistics for the fashion week owners.  30 designer shows over the 4 days meant a brutal schedule.

Zimbabwe Fashion Week 2013

GRP/cr8/’s Simon Deiner was brought in to develop the set, direct all technical and ensure that lighting was up to scratch.  Our digital seating and set renders meant that we can ensure WebTickets (appointed by us too) could sell ticketing in the run up to the event, and the tent could accommodate the seating and set layout.   All AV, video, lighting, and music was directed, programmed or cut in-house by GRP/cr8/ team.





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