SHOWpro v4

SHOWpro is the leading production management software for the fashion week and fashion show industries. Designed from the ground up to work with you pre, during and post show, not only does it manage everything from designers and model movements, it even schedules, flags conflicts and can identify people based on their face or location. Designed to run on an iPad, SHOWpro allows for your team to efficiently manage and produce shows with minimal admin time.

Utilised by more than a dozen production companies running some of the world’s biggest shows, SHOWpro is your secret weapon in today’s times of reduced budgets and ever higher demands. The ability to slim down teams, track models and project items across multiple shows, and even send thank-you mailers automatically, SHOWpro does it all for you.


SHOWpro will help you manage castings, bookings, talent and integrate this with fittings, designers, show schedules and budgets.

SHOWpro also has built in facial recognition, geo location if Airtags or iPhones are used by talent, auto message push for production staff, attendance tracking, model usage conflict tracking, garment tracking and timing schedules.

It’s all about fewer people being more productive, and SHOWpro v4.01 introduces auto budgeting, time and show schedule manager, backstage manager and auto show build based on selected criteria.

The new document and production elements allow you to store documents and allocate tasks, elements and to-do’s automatically in software with push notifications to staff, model or talent devices.


When it comes to producing some of the worlds biggest fashion shows (and music or film awards), SHOWpro is quietly in the background and has allowed your team to collate, compile and distribute all the necessary media including music, graphics, AV and documents.

An automated show-running order makes the most effective use of models and auto flags any conflicts or potential issues such as fast changes. This running order also contains model information, auto check in for hair and makeup, as well as dressers. But it goes further! Show callers can see garments rotating on the iPad as they’re sending out models to the catwalk in real time.

Multi show fashion weeks, or multi performer awards will automatically have teams and talent ready for their show times whilst you’re in a show. SHOWpro works when you cant.


It’s polite to say “thank you” and SHOWpro was raised by GRP/cr8/, so auto thank you and well done mails / messages will go out to talent, designers and suppliers post show.

Auto reports with details of issues or items that may not have gone flawlessly are flagged for post show debrief with the team.

Detailed reports on things like show run-time, time that models were in hair and makeup, dressing, and guest load ins are all displayed in clear easy to read graphs. This allows for future show improvement and AI learning to better suggest movements and scheduling on future fashion weeks.

Post-show budgets and recons are a pain, but it’s a thing of the past as SHOWpro automatically reconciles actual model usages against booked slots and generates booking documentation for agencies, ready to be sent. Easy peasy.

Please note that we cannot supply any demo iPads to clients in the following territories due to exclusive usage agreements:
– France
– The United States of America
– Brazil

For all other companies interested in seeing what SHOWpro can add to your production company, please contact us today and we can DHL you a sample iPad for 60 days. This will allow for 3 projects with a maximum of 100 talent and 50 shows within each project. If you decide to proceed, we will ship additional iPads to you pre-loaded with SHOWpro. Licencing costs depend on usage and team size, so please contact us today.